Wednesday, February 19, 2014

LPF Media Speaking at Go Blog Social!

I have incredibly exciting news! I'm going to be speaking about Personal Branding Yourself Online at the Go Blog Social event in Kansas City, MO on April 5th. This is going to be a fabulous way to kick off my solopreneur career and can't wait to meet fellow Midwest Bloggers & get inspired by hearing so many amazing speakers!

 photo laurenfelixgoblogsocial_zpsfe43a058.jpg

Go Blog Social is a two day event, born by bloggers for bloggers! I'm honored to be a speaker among an inspiring panel like Nicole at Cedar and Rush, Erin of House of Earnest,  Jessica of How Sweet It Is, and key note speaker, Better Homes and Gardens! The panel will be speaking about topics ranging from blog photography to how to partner with magazines to self-publishing.

I will be sharing my expertise on branding yourself online- a topic near and dear to me after launching LPF Media and growing my blog over the past seven years! Attending events like this are an amazing way to network & grow your knowledge. I highly recommend attending if you have the opportunity to!

If you're interested in attending the event- feel free to shoot me any questions! I'd be forever grateful if you purchased a ticket through my affiliate link for the event to show your LPF support! I would love to meet fellow bloggers and LPF  Media readers at the event

 I'd absolutely LOVE if you could email, comment, or tweet me with any questions you might have on the topic so I can include them in my presentation!

xoxo, lauren

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stand Out Social Media at #NYFW

As a longtime fashion blogger, New York Fashion Week is an event that twice a year dominates my free time! I spend hours pouring over the runway photography to see what upcoming trends will be happening in the fashion world. Now, with the world of social media the coverage of shows is nearly instantaneous. 

The brands that truly stood out during NYFW not only tweeted & posted recap pictures on their social media feeds, but instead took unique approaches that cause disruption and excitement in the "noisy" online world. With so many brands competing for attention, this is something we'll continue to see more and more.

I've highlighted a few of my favorite examples of brands who are taking their social media presence to the next level during #NYFW!


The launch of blogger, Leandra Medine of "Man Repeller"'s book at Barney's had an interactive printable instagram booth by using strategic hashtags for the events.

Rebecca Minkoff who is constantly at the forefront of social media trends offered fans a sneak behind the scenes of the chaos & creativity of fashion week with videos edited using mobile apps, Keek & Cameo!

Marc Jacobs made waves at NYFW with his announcement of the "tweet shop". Customers could actually share photos of the products on their social media channels using the hashtag #MJDAISYCHAIN and receive a sample size of Marc Jacobs' "Daisy" perfume. It was a truly innovative way to receive exposure and caused a lot of buzz in the fashion industry.

One of the unqiue approaches Tommy Hilfiger took to NYFW was democratizing runway fashion by selecting a group of instagrammers (with audiences ranging from 500 to a few thousand). By choosing "everyday" instagrammers to document his show instead of the insta-"famous" with millions of followers, he brought a unique & creative point of view to fashion week coverage.

To be truly relevant in social media, brands will be forced to continue to innovate their brand in creative ways. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What Does Your Audience Find Pin-Worthy?

LPF Media: Stylish Social Tip #2 // What Does Your Audience Find Pin-worthy?

Pinterest has proven itself as one of the biggest traffic drivers to blogs, websites & product pages and continues to grow to be a larger percent of referrals each season. It's crazy how much you can learn by looking at what content your audience is organically finding and pinning from your site.

Whether your a blog or small business you absolutely must add a "pin it" button to your site. This makes it easy for people to share your content. Pinterest has a simple tutorial and html code to embed.

The quickest way to check out what people are pinning from your website is the "source" page.
Type "" for example for my blog, the source page is ""

By looking at the source page, you can see what type of content people want to share. It will be different for every website, but a good indication of what is generating interest and buzz. Maybe it's DIY Posts? Maybe it's How To Outfit Guides? Maybe it's free printables?  Utilizing this page can help give you ideas for future posts. Or if you're an online store- which products are getting the most love from fan of the brand.

Want to dig in even deeper? I highly recommend signing up for a free pinterest business page to get an even better understanding of your pinterest analytics! 

If you're interested in maximing your learnings from pinterest, connect with me!

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Website of the Week: Statigram

I am always on the hunt for the latest app to make my life a little bit easier, especially if it's with analytics of your website. One of my absolute favorite resources for analyzing instagram is Statigram. By signing up for a free account you can get summaries & statistics to help you analyze your traffic and engagement on instagram and in turn maximize your impact on social media.

Below you can see the dashboard for my @lapetitefashionista instagram account.

Website of the Week: Statigram

Besides this high level view, you can dig into analytics in their "statistics" section that can help you optimize your instagram posts including:

-the optimal times of day to post on instagram for highest engagement
-what hashtags you use that receive the most interaction
-what types of posts have received the most likes or comments
-tracking the number of followers / likes / comments you get by month
- what filters you uses most / get the best response
- who your highest engagers are on your account

Sure, scheduling your instagram posts may seem like overkill, but making slight adjustments based on what your analytics tell you can make a big difference in the impact your social media interactions have!

Do you have any social media questions or want me to work with you on your content? 
Shoot me a note at!

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Monday, February 3, 2014

#SuperBowl Social Media: Who did it best?

Did everyone watch the Super Bowl last night? I was livetweeting my takes on commercials from our @lpfmedia twitter account! There were a few standout commercials, but overall most failed to leave much of an impression on viewers (I was partial to Goldieblox!)

 A huge (& highly engaged with) event like the Super Bowl is a great opportunity for brands to join the conversation. I think the challenge can often be relating your content back to the event. For example, what does nail polish have to do with football- with a little creativity- you can definitely connect the dots for your customer or reader!

I've highlighted a few of my favorite facebook posts from lifestyle brands on Super Bowl sunday who took the opportunity to connect their content to the event and give it their own spin.

  1. Covergirl's "fanicures" for each team
  2.  Marshalls'  gameday outfit featuring their clothing.
  3. VS Pink's rhinestone studded football + call to action asking to share who you're rooting for
  4. Bloomingdale's designer Super Bowl helmet collaboration with the CFDA
  5. Nordstrom's  stylish take on kickoff showcasing a pair of their heels
  6. Moon and Lola showcasing a line from the song of halftime performer Bruno Mars. I love that it didn't even have to be football related to connect to their audience!
The one thing I'll call out- social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk is a stickler for this- is that very few brands had their logo in their social media images (making it hard for others to know who the content came from when it's shared!). Just some food for thought as you continue your social media ventures! :)

As a blogger, the Super Bowl is the perfect time to showcase a favorite tailgating recipe (even if it's from the archives), how to style a gameday outfit, or designing a fun printable. There is a big opportunity with pinterest around holidays and events to share your content!

Did you see another lifestyle brand or blogger who did a great job with their Social Media engagement during the Super Bowl? Be sure to share the link below!

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