Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stand Out Social Media at #NYFW

As a longtime fashion blogger, New York Fashion Week is an event that twice a year dominates my free time! I spend hours pouring over the runway photography to see what upcoming trends will be happening in the fashion world. Now, with the world of social media the coverage of shows is nearly instantaneous. 

The brands that truly stood out during NYFW not only tweeted & posted recap pictures on their social media feeds, but instead took unique approaches that cause disruption and excitement in the "noisy" online world. With so many brands competing for attention, this is something we'll continue to see more and more.

I've highlighted a few of my favorite examples of brands who are taking their social media presence to the next level during #NYFW!


The launch of blogger, Leandra Medine of "Man Repeller"'s book at Barney's had an interactive printable instagram booth by using strategic hashtags for the events.

Rebecca Minkoff who is constantly at the forefront of social media trends offered fans a sneak behind the scenes of the chaos & creativity of fashion week with videos edited using mobile apps, Keek & Cameo!

Marc Jacobs made waves at NYFW with his announcement of the "tweet shop". Customers could actually share photos of the products on their social media channels using the hashtag #MJDAISYCHAIN and receive a sample size of Marc Jacobs' "Daisy" perfume. It was a truly innovative way to receive exposure and caused a lot of buzz in the fashion industry.

One of the unqiue approaches Tommy Hilfiger took to NYFW was democratizing runway fashion by selecting a group of instagrammers (with audiences ranging from 500 to a few thousand). By choosing "everyday" instagrammers to document his show instead of the insta-"famous" with millions of followers, he brought a unique & creative point of view to fashion week coverage.

To be truly relevant in social media, brands will be forced to continue to innovate their brand in creative ways. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

dream big!



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