Monday, February 3, 2014

#SuperBowl Social Media: Who did it best?

Did everyone watch the Super Bowl last night? I was livetweeting my takes on commercials from our @lpfmedia twitter account! There were a few standout commercials, but overall most failed to leave much of an impression on viewers (I was partial to Goldieblox!)

 A huge (& highly engaged with) event like the Super Bowl is a great opportunity for brands to join the conversation. I think the challenge can often be relating your content back to the event. For example, what does nail polish have to do with football- with a little creativity- you can definitely connect the dots for your customer or reader!

I've highlighted a few of my favorite facebook posts from lifestyle brands on Super Bowl sunday who took the opportunity to connect their content to the event and give it their own spin.

  1. Covergirl's "fanicures" for each team
  2.  Marshalls'  gameday outfit featuring their clothing.
  3. VS Pink's rhinestone studded football + call to action asking to share who you're rooting for
  4. Bloomingdale's designer Super Bowl helmet collaboration with the CFDA
  5. Nordstrom's  stylish take on kickoff showcasing a pair of their heels
  6. Moon and Lola showcasing a line from the song of halftime performer Bruno Mars. I love that it didn't even have to be football related to connect to their audience!
The one thing I'll call out- social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk is a stickler for this- is that very few brands had their logo in their social media images (making it hard for others to know who the content came from when it's shared!). Just some food for thought as you continue your social media ventures! :)

As a blogger, the Super Bowl is the perfect time to showcase a favorite tailgating recipe (even if it's from the archives), how to style a gameday outfit, or designing a fun printable. There is a big opportunity with pinterest around holidays and events to share your content!

Did you see another lifestyle brand or blogger who did a great job with their Social Media engagement during the Super Bowl? Be sure to share the link below!

dream big!