Thursday, February 6, 2014

Website of the Week: Statigram

I am always on the hunt for the latest app to make my life a little bit easier, especially if it's with analytics of your website. One of my absolute favorite resources for analyzing instagram is Statigram. By signing up for a free account you can get summaries & statistics to help you analyze your traffic and engagement on instagram and in turn maximize your impact on social media.

Below you can see the dashboard for my @lapetitefashionista instagram account.

Website of the Week: Statigram

Besides this high level view, you can dig into analytics in their "statistics" section that can help you optimize your instagram posts including:

-the optimal times of day to post on instagram for highest engagement
-what hashtags you use that receive the most interaction
-what types of posts have received the most likes or comments
-tracking the number of followers / likes / comments you get by month
- what filters you uses most / get the best response
- who your highest engagers are on your account

Sure, scheduling your instagram posts may seem like overkill, but making slight adjustments based on what your analytics tell you can make a big difference in the impact your social media interactions have!

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  1. I am statigram obsessed! It's such a great tool and often inspires some fun content.