Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What Does Your Audience Find Pin-Worthy?

LPF Media: Stylish Social Tip #2 // What Does Your Audience Find Pin-worthy?

Pinterest has proven itself as one of the biggest traffic drivers to blogs, websites & product pages and continues to grow to be a larger percent of referrals each season. It's crazy how much you can learn by looking at what content your audience is organically finding and pinning from your site.

Whether your a blog or small business you absolutely must add a "pin it" button to your site. This makes it easy for people to share your content. Pinterest has a simple tutorial and html code to embed.

The quickest way to check out what people are pinning from your website is the "source" page.
Type "" for example for my blog, the source page is ""

By looking at the source page, you can see what type of content people want to share. It will be different for every website, but a good indication of what is generating interest and buzz. Maybe it's DIY Posts? Maybe it's How To Outfit Guides? Maybe it's free printables?  Utilizing this page can help give you ideas for future posts. Or if you're an online store- which products are getting the most love from fan of the brand.

Want to dig in even deeper? I highly recommend signing up for a free pinterest business page to get an even better understanding of your pinterest analytics! 

If you're interested in maximing your learnings from pinterest, connect with me!

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  1. Great advice! I had no idea you could join as a business. Thank you!