Monday, March 3, 2014

LPF Media Stylish Social Tip #3: Build Your Network by Being Genuine!

Stylish Social Tip #3: Build Your Network by Being Genuine!

It doesn't take long in the blogging game to see that there is no magical formula to gaining an audience. Unless you are one of the lucky few that becomes an overnight sensation- the key is building relationships through your social sites. One of the best way to do this is through joining blogging networks. Whether the networks are niche based, region specific, or business building it's one of the easiest way to find & receive new reads. 

I think one of the key things to think about when interacting with other bloggers, whether you're a business or fellow blogger is authenticity. You can choose to send them a tweet or comment on a blog or facebook post, but it is very clear if a response is canned or genuine. So, take the time to be real and it will return itself in dividends! Choose a community in which members help to promote and support eachother. Last year, along with a few other lovely ladies, I started the Midwest Bloggers group & I am amazed at how cross-promotional and encouraging members are to eachother.

A few of my favorite networks for discovering & reaching out to new blogs are:

Regional Networks:

Interest Based Networks:

Business Networks:

Start by signing up on the sites that align most with your blog or business and then begin to build a list of contacts by creating meaningful connections with your network. Do what you can to help promote others & they will do the same for you. Above all, be genuine!

dream big!