Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Website of the Week: Google Trends

I bet you're thinking Google.. well obviously I know how to google things- but chances are, you haven't utilized the Google Trends search function! This sub-site of google allows you to see what searches are trending at any given time, as well as compare search terms over any period of time you specify. 

Why would you want to follow the crowd you ask? Identifying what terms people are searching most for will in turn help your search results. Improved SEO rankings = more visibility to your website. I'm going to show you a recent example of how I used the Google Trends search for naming a blog post- you could also utilize this for naming products to help with search results for shoppers.

LPF Media: How to Use Google Trends for Your Blog + Biz

Curious of how to use Google Trends to help with your SEO?  Here's an example of how I recently used Google Trends when trying to figure out what to title a blog post for my fashion blog, La Petite Fashionista

I was writing about a trend for spring- often referred to as the midi skirt, full skirt, & skater skirt. All arecommonly used terms for the same style of skirt, so I turned to google trends to see what most people were searching & as a result have my blog be more likely to turn up in their search results.

The result of this quick query (say that 5x fast!) helped me in naming my blog post: "Try This Trend: Skater Skirts"! Think about all of the possibilities for naming products in a shop, or maximizing your search engine optimization. 

Play around with Google Trends a little more and you'll see you can gain additional information like regional interest in that search team & related searches. This simple step can help you amp up your blog post + copywriting game!

dream big!