Monday, April 7, 2014

Download LPF Media's Free Guide to Branding!

Over the weekend I had the honor of  attending and speaking at Go Blog Social in Kansas City. I had so much fun hearing the tips and tricks from experts on everything from photography and styling to building a business. It was such an amazing experience and I loved having the chance to share my story, and talk about the work I've done to brand my blog & business.

It was so inspiring to speak to other bloggers in the area & share some of the things that I've learned in my past seven years in the blogging and social media world!

Download LPF Media's Free Guide to Branding

I offered a free downloadable branding guide to attendees & I will extend the same bonus to my blog readers- because I had so much fun putting it together!

Sign up to receive the guide here .
xoxo, lauren


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