Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stylish Social Tip #5: Contact Info

As I mentioned, I was at Go Blog Social last weekend in Kansas City! I was able to listen to a huge variety of speakers from different fields. One of the biggest takeaways from speaker, Better Homes & Gardens Magazine was something so simple, but true. They said often times one of the hardest things as a brand when they're visiting blogs is finding the blogger's contact info... and it's so true!

Thus, their talk inspired Stylish Social Tip #5 .. make it easy for brands & clients to get in touch with you!

LPF Media: Stylish Social Tip #5- Contact Info!

I know how frustrating it is trying to get in contact with a blogger or brand and by the time you spend five minutes searching their websites' pages, you give up. Sometimes we try to hide it away in an "about me" page, or have it as a mail icon rather than written out. 

So here's my advice: Have your contact info in a clear & easy to find place (in fact.. have your contact info in many clear & easy to find places on your website). You never know what opportunities you might miss out on if you're too hard to get in touch with!

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  1. This is SO true! I've recently started working for a small shoe designer as their social media coordinator. I've spent hours digging through bloggers to find their contact info to invite them to events. One of my added pieces of advice: just use an email address. While the contact forms are so helpful on the blogger's end, it's often a pain for the brand. Recently, I saw where a blogger had the contact form, and then below it read "If you prefer to email, here is a contact address." I loved that! It's the best of both worlds for a brand.

    Great suggestions & tips!

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