Friday, May 30, 2014

Stylish Social Tip #6: How to Grow Your Instagram Audience

Instagram is one of my favorite platforms because it's so visual, easy to use & interact with others- even when you're short on time.  It's a great return on your time investment. Since links can't be embedded in instagram post- it's better for brand awareness than driving traffic. Though, I do have some great tips whether you're a brand or a blog for growing your instagram audience. So, get excited!

Instagram tips for brands + bloggers:
1. "Like" pictures that you're tagged in to let people know you're engaged with them
2. Take the extra step to comment on an instagram post- it helps you stand out in a sea of 'likes" 
3. Use hashtags on your posts -check out these most popular hashtags or utilize more specific hashtags on an instagram post to link up with a smaller networking group.
4. For bloggers posting an outfit post, tag brands on the image so people can see where each piece is from- and the brand can see that you're giving them some social media love. 
5. Spread some positive instagram karma- search a hashtag related to your business (i.e. #socialmedia #smallbiz, #blogger,etc.) or use the "discover" tab of instagram to leave comments & follow other accounts.
6. Ask a friend or peer if you can guest instagram for them for a weekend to help expand your audience- and have them instagram from your handle as well.. win-win!

Social Media is not a one way street! You can't build relationships if you don't make an effort to engage on instagram with other users. If you only push out your own content, you won't see the return you're looking for. 

dream big!





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